Keep your door or gate running in top
condition with Butler Doors & Gates


Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

Like with your car or home it is important to maintain your garage door and motor or gate and motor. Doors and gates can become slow and difficult to move when they are not maintained on a regular basis causing undue stress on the motor and operational parts of the door/gate.

It is recommended to have a service done at minimum once every 2 years when you live in Rural or City areas and once a year when you live in an area close to the ocean.

At Butler Garage Doors & Gates our service includes a thorough check of your door/gate and motor as well as maintenance of all gearing and chains, tightening and adjusting of panels, screws and mechanisms and a full test of your motors operations.

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Between services you can help keep your door or gate in good condition by:

• Visually inspecting your door or gate monthly; looking for damage, fraying, rusting or bending
• Keeping your door and door tracks clean and free of dust/grime
• Keep your sliding gate tracks free of obstructions
• Ensuring no unnecessary pressure is placed on your door or gate
• Ensuring your door or gate is not closed whilst obstructions are in its path
• Ensuring your door or gate is open and closed correctly and not left partially open
• Operating your door or gate within the recommended guidelines
• Contacting our technicians if your door or gate is not in working order or is damaged
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